17 Oct 2017

Another stolen photo by iGNORANT

How many times I have to ask, remind you...?

Another of my photos was stolen/used to promote event without asking/informing me, without my permission, it was used and no credit was given to my work.

It seems like for some people in armwrestling community it's natural thing to steal someone's work and use it in promotion as it own.

Yes.. During the years I have experienced that very often, and always is the same story: I did not know, I will add info about you Mr Wisniowski... or people simply ignore my messages.

Normally, I have no problem when people ask me for permission of using my images and giving a credit to my work, but I hate ignorants / thiefs.

Here are some of my experiences during the years:

The newest Example..
Image used by SAW - Shanghai Arm Wrestling to promote event,  whoever made this banner... he/she used it (stolen) without informing me, and as always no credit was given to my work. I contacted people related to this event, they read my messages and ignore it.

Another example...
Image was stolen from my website, watermark was removed and without any credit to my work it was published in 20 MINUTOS, a local newspaper, in Madrid, Spain. Here is link to on-line version of the newspaper www.20minutos.es.

The person, who stole my image, removed watermark and send it to the newspaper is on the image (on right side). I know that because I have contacted newspaper, and I been told by them that person who sent them image with text to article, said that own copyrights of the image.

16 Oct 2017

Edwin Gonzalez vs Mike Ayello

photo: Mike Ayello / instagram

Story of image Gonzalez vs Ayello.

  • Mike Ayello: "I came across this pic of Edwin Gonzalez. His dad contacted me and Team NYC from the show Game of Arms, said hes a huge fan of the show and would mean the world to him if he met us. I remember walking into his hospital room and him going OMG it's Mike Ayello!!! The kid just had chemo and radiation and was happy to meet a douche bag like me? Weird feeling. Anyway keep doing good shit and working hard bc ya never know who your inspiring and who's watching. Your kids, Kids like Edwin. Just a reminder to everyone having a shitty Monday morning. Cheer up 👊 See post on Instagram.

By Tomasz Wisniowski

12 Oct 2017

The UAL, back with a purpose... read on Puller Magazine

Puller Magazine, is a new armwrestling website run by Giordano Cruz. I invite you to visit PullerMag, and here is the first article with interview, with Bill Collins talking UAL Back.

"While we were riding the high of being on television, collecting huge prize money and hammers, and telling all our friends and family members to look out because Armwrestling is on ESPN now and is soon going to be huge, one of our most beloved leagues to ever exist in the world of American Armwrestling called it quits. How could this be? A company that was nationally the biggest name in Armwrestling competition was done? Was the support from the Armwrestling community no longer there? Was it due to the competition offering larger payouts and television exposure? Or was the task of competing against such a large entity with a seemingly endless supply of finances too daunting? We may never know. One thing we know for sure is the gravy train is over for now. No $20k payouts, no big corporate sponsors and no face time on ESPN…….. for now. Will we ever see the consistent exposure that us as Armwrestlers and athletes need to make traveling and competing at events around the country viable? The UAL may be the answer for the future and as of now looks like our only hope.

28 Sep 2017


In November, at the professional world championship Zloty Tur 2017 will also be presented fights Vendetta All Stars. In one of them we will see the Polish puller Dawid Bartosiewicz, who will fight with the Brazilian Eduardo Tiete.

Both wrestlers wrestled with each other.

David, tell us first about the first fight with Eduardo...
- Dawid Bartosiewicz: I lost the first fight with Tiete with a score of 5: 1 in Las Vegas. Then the offer to pull was unexpected, I had already started preparing for the "Zloty Tour" after a six-month break in the sport. Was I ready or not ready for Tiete at that time - it did not matter.

- Dawid Bartosiewicz: Such proposals could not be rejected! At all! The decision was made very quickly and we flew to the States. I swallowed bad luck, quickly forgot about it and just waited for the time for revenge.

25 Sep 2017

Celebrity Armwrestling Pics (30) - Said Taghmaoui vs Mark Wahlberg

A French-American actor and screenwriter, Said Taghmaoui in arm-wrestling match against an american actor, producer, Mark Wahlberg. New York City United States, January 1999.

13 Sep 2017

24 Aug 2017

Steve Morneau - matches from the first Freedom armwrestling.

Some of Steve Morneau assorted matches from the first event of Freedom Armwrestling League (FAL), which took place on 20th August 2017 in Richmond, Ontario, CAN.

18 Aug 2017

30 Jun 2017

WAL World Championships 2017 - CHAMPIONS

List of the Champions in Pro Classes, WAL World Championships 2017, which took place in Las Vegas, NV on June 29th.

18 Jun 2017

WAL 2017 - just a symbol




23 May 2017


Why John Brzenk is The Greatest Armwrestler of All Time?... Eric Roussin explains it very well in his newest article on The Armwrestling Archives.

"John Brzenk is the most successful armwrestler in the history of the sport. In his 35-year competitive career, it is estimated he has won 500 titles. A handful of other pullers have won hundreds of titles, but in terms of major professional titles, no one is even close to him. It is unlikely that we will ever see someone build such a lengthy and impressive armwrestling résumé.

Below is a chronology of MOST of the titles that John Brzenk has won. It includes class titles, overall titles, and supermatch wins. It begins with his first known major title in 1982 and ends with his most recent one in 2015. The list includes almost 400 titles won on five continents. There are certainly other titles -- should anyone be aware of any, please contact me and the list will be updated."


16 May 2017

2017 Pro Football Arm Wrestling Championships promo 3

"The 2017 Inaugural Pro Football Armwrestling Championships, featuring 32 professional football players competing for charity in a thrilling arm wrestling tournament, will air nationally in a television series on CBS. The high-intensity event will air in three parts – two Preliminary Rounds shows will air during Memorial Day Weekend, on May 27 & 28 at 2-3pmET/1pmCT. The Final Rounds / Championship Show will air on Saturday, June 3 at 2-3pmET/1pmCT, which will include the crowning of the 2017 Heavyweight & Light Heavyweight Pro Football Armwrestling Champions! Each Champion will be awarded $100,000 in prize money, $50,000 of which will be donated to the charity/charities of their choice." - Profootball-Armwrestling..com


14 May 2017


photo: Ron Bath

"That time again. Time to donate platelets. 
My challenge to you. If you are healthy n able. Donate." - Ron Bath

3 May 2017

Larratt goes to Gallery

Dear Friends,

On this occasion I would like to invite you to two exhibitions. "Buzz" will take place in Media City in Manchester, UK on 8-11th June 2017, and "Eclectic" will take place in 5th Base Gallery in London, UK on 11-13th 2017.

The work features a very successful sportsman; arm-wrestling legend, current WAL World Champion, Devon " NO LIMITS " Larratt.

10 Apr 2017

Larratt, Bagent, & Kindt at Pro Football Armwrestling Championships 2017

Photo Credit: Tom Hauck/Getty

Message from WAL:

"WAL Nation:

As many of you are aware, the Pro Football Armwrestling Championships took place this weekend in Las Vegas and is scheduled to air on CBS in late May/early June.  This event has come into the spotlight as the NFL is considering fines on the players for violation of their gambling policies of the NFL.  We have received countless emails and calls asking about WAL's role in the event and wish to clarify for WAL nation:

The event producers contacted WAL to request a release of rights for 3 of its contracted athletes for participation in the event.  As always, when approached properly and ahead of time, WAL granted the show the rights to include Devon Larratt, Travis Bagent, and Luke Kindt as part of the production.  Travis and Devon trained and coached various competitors, and we anticipate that they along with Luke will be included in the show.  

2 Apr 2017


Message from PFAWC official website: 

Filming Live at 
Las Vegas MGM Grand Hotel and Casino
April 5 - 9, 2017
"The Pro Football Arm Wrestling Championship will bring together 32 of professional football's strongest players to compete in a two-team competition where a champion team, one lightweight and one heavyweight champion will be crowned. A portion of all prize purses for both individual and team competitions will be donated to charities of the player's choice.

30 Mar 2017

Armwrestling on PETRIe

PETRIe Editorial & Features Director Elena Stanciu explores the Arm-Wrestling world through the visual language of photographer Tomasz Wisniowski.

24 Mar 2017


photo: WAL

"After months of anticipation and buildup in the biggest year in World Armwrestling League history, WAL is ready to explode the sport again – with a MASSIVE increase in prize money for its 2017 Championship event!

8 Mar 2017

Learn the rules like a pro, so ...

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”
― Pablo Picasso

In armwrestling you are one of those..

Celebrity Armwrestling Pics (29) - Kate Moss

Supermodel, Kate Moss armwrestle Fran Cutler 
at a hotel in Sao Paolo, Brazil. April 2016. 

16 Jan 2017

HCWW Episode 49: Devon Larratt - The Strap Show

Watch an interview with Devon "NO LIMITS" Larratt where he talks with Jon Brown and Josh Grant about new strap HERE...

More interviews on www.handcontrolworldwide.com

6 Jan 2017

WAL Majors announcements !

Message from official WAL facebook page:

As we launch 2017, we’re excited to keep unveiling these big, new events, where competitors will vie for the title of each WAL Major Champion – complete with their own unique rewards. Here are 3 important updates below: