19 May 2018

Dani Simon - World Junior Para Champion from Hungary

"I have started armwrestling in 2014. At the Pető András Institute in Budapest I was attending a rowing section. A friend of our family, Péter Hézser, inspired me to start pulling because he saw some potential in me to be good at it. I started training and very soon after that I took part in my first competition - Kecskemét tournament. I really loved it and from that point I decided to start armwrestling professionally.

This sport attracted me with its accessibility and it really helped me to break out of my wheel-chair. I really don’t feel disabled anymore and I feel free to compete with non-disabled people. Armwrestling taught me to respect people and not to overrate myself. It taught me responsibility.

16 May 2018

WAL Update + Watch WAL 402!

photo: Steve Kaplan

Message from World Armwrestling League (WAL), President, Steve Kaplan:

"WAL Nation:

WAL 401 Chicago was a huge hit. Great matches, big wins, an electric crowd and more.  We amassed amazing viewership metrics on B/R Live and are looking to build on that even more in 402 Baltimore.


​"The following article was originally written in Russian by fellow armwrestling historian Oleg Stepanov. He is interested in finding out where the sport was first practiced, how it evolved, and ultimately how it spread around the world. Part of his work involves examining existing theories on where the sport originated to see I they pass muster. His work is not complete, but this article summarizes some of his findings to date.

I am very grateful that he has allowed me to translate his work and publish it on the Armwrestling Archives.


​Most articles on the early history of armwrestling mention that the sport was practiced at least as far back as ancient Egypt, and that there are hieroglyphs that back up this claim. The first purported evidence is a complex of 39 ancient tombs in a cemetery site called Beni Hasan. Beni Hasan is a grandiose structure located about 20 kilometres south of Mynia, in Middle Egypt. It contains several painted rooms that have been preserved due to Africa’s dry climate. The tomb of Baqet III (21st century BC) is now referred to as the "Fight Hall", as its walls are painted with figures of fighters.

Sargis Stepanyan in Mirror Spectator

"Special to the Mirror-Spectator

NEW YORK — When Maj. Sargis Stepanyan realized a fellow soldier was trapped among landmines during a special operations forces mission in Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh), he did what the best military commanders on the battlefield do — he risked his own life trying to save him. That rescue attempt would ultimately cost him his two legs and right arm, but helped him fulfill a greater calling through the Armenian Wounded Heroes Fund (AWHF) and its life-saving mission.

Hailed as a war hero since that fateful day in 2014, Stepanyan has continued to devote his life to the Armenian Armed Forces and has discovered a new purpose of raising awareness for the medical emergencies soldiers face on the front line in Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as providing counsel to other wounded soldiers, inspiring them.

8 May 2018

Therapeutic Use Exemption Process

“Only the dose makes the poison”

Every athlete is first of all a human being and of course he(she) may have an illness or a condition that needs a particular medication. Usually, doctors prescribe treatments in accordance with the internal medical protocols, standards or others instructions. Some medications could contain prohibited substances or methods that are included in the Prohibited List, adopted annually by World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Any athlete who may be subject to doping control must request a Therapeutic Use Exemption before taking a prohibited substance or method.

7 May 2018

Larratt in Men'sHealth

Devon Larratt in on-line version of Men'sHealth in article by Mark Lelinwalla; How to Build the Super Forearm Strength of a Pro Arm Wrestler.

"When it comes to arm wrestling, forearm strength is crucial.

Devon Larratt proved that to Shaquille O’Neal during a recent appearance on TNT’s Inside the NBA. Despite giving up roughly 150 pounds to the NBA Hall of Famer, Larratt, the reigning World Armwrestling League heavyweight champion for righties and lefties, pinned O’Neal’s hand down in a way that would have Sylvester Stallone in Over the Top feeling nervous.

Article about Over the Top by Sean Keeleyon

An article about Over the Top on thecomeback.com written by Sean Keeleyon. A link to Armwrestlers ONLY, to the article Over the Top: THE ICON OF ARMWRESTLING, which I wrote for 25th anniversary in 2011, has been used in Keeleyon's article.

"In his prime, Sylvester Stallone was the kind of Hollywood actor who made big movies meant to be big movies. Rocky. Rambo. Tango & Cash. Demolition Man. Cliffhanger. Stallone didn’t just do tentpoles, he was a tentpole. His movies never snuck up on you because they were incapable of doing so. You stick his name on a movie poster and the rest usually took care of itself.
Perhaps that’s what makes Over the Top, released 30 years ago this month, such an anomaly. It’s a Sylvester Stallone vehicle during his prime that bombed in theaters, but gained cult status in the years since. Directed by schlock peddler Menahem Golan (just look at his IMDB page), it’s a movie with a plot so absurd that it’s hard to imagine someone would bankroll it today, let alone 1987. Such was the power of Stallone, whose hubris made him believe that he could turn an arm wrestling movie into the next great Hollywood blockbuster. And we thank him for it.

Find a Club - AUSTRALIA

5 May 2018


"The World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) would like to officially invite you as WAF member country to attend the “40th World Armwrestling and 21st World Para-Armwrestling Championship“, which will be held in ANTALYA, TURKEY from October 12th to October 21st, 2018.

Championship will be hosted by Turkish Body Building, Fitness and Armwrestling Federation represented by its president Mr. Niyazi KURT.

1 May 2018

Larratt signed a contract to fight with Cyplenkov

For many years, there have been sensational reports on the possible fight between Devon Larratt and Denis Cyplenkov in heavyweight division. And although there were hundreds of such unverified informations, this time it can be assumed that armwrestling fans will finally see the desired fight.

Celebrity Armwrestling Pics (52) - Chuck Norris

photo: forgottenflix.com

28 Apr 2018

CLUB TORTURE: Over the Top Table

When I saw this table first time, my reaction could be only one.. WOW, what a table. For me personally it's the best armwrestling table I ever seen. Iconic picture from legendary Over The Top with Rick Zumwalt vs Sylvester Stallone and Cobra Rhodes as a referee makes it magnetic. 

25 Apr 2018

Larratt & Carnegie in Inside the NBA

Yesterday, on 24th April 2018, two WAL's armwrestlers, Devon Larratt and Ian Carnegie were guests in postgame show for NBA on TNT, Inside the NBA, hosted by Ernie Johnson with analysts Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Shaquille O'Neal

24 Apr 2018


​​"In the span of 40 years, the World Armwrestling Federation (WAF; previously known as the World Arm Wrestling Federation – WAWF) has grown from an organization with a single member country to one that is 80-plus member countries strong. On April 20, 2018 its efforts were rewarded with the sport of armwrestling being granted full membership status with the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF), an umbrella organisation for all international sports federations. This is quite an accomplishment – fewer than 100 sports have this status – and it is an important stepping stone to getting armwrestling recognized by national governments and the sponsorship possibilities that can come from said recognition. Every organization has to start somewhere: this is the story of how the WAF first began taking shape.

​In the late 1950s, a young man from Scranton, Pennsylvania, by the name of Robert O’Leary was in the navy. During this time, he was exposed to an activity that sailors liked to do to pass the time – challenge each other to armwrestling matches. Though not the best at it, he found the activity to be a good test of strength as well as entertaining.

Celebrity Armwrestling Pics (51) - Chazz Palminteri vs Richard Kohnke

photo: archive.boston.com

19 Apr 2018

“Arm Nation”: APTN TV arm wrestling documentary series will launch this fall across Canada

Arm Nation films Deb Fiddler reffing Harleigh Marchant and Bobbi Haugen

Friday, April 19, 2018 – ​Arm Nation​,​ a 13 x half hour documentary series that will premiere on ​APTN​ in the autumn of 2018, follows the training, competitions and life challenges of Indigenous men and women who ‘pull’ in the fast growing international sport of armwrestling.

Filming took place over six months in 2017, culminating at the Canadian Armwrestling Championships. The stories captured are diverse: from a former strong man competitor trying to succeed in this new very different sport, to a mother of five bringing her love of arm wrestling to her Reserve, to a top athlete recovering from a devastating arm injury, as another arm wrestler struggles to get back to the table after two years away battling cancer. The sixteen First Nations and Métis athletes range in age from 21-54, spanning as far west as Prince George and Penticton, British Columbia, as far east as Eskasoni, Nova Scotia and to the north in Mistissini, Quebec.

17 Apr 2018

WAL 2018 Supermatch Showdown Series AVAILABLE ALSO OUTSIDE THE US

A few days ago I have informed on the blog that WAL events broadcasted on Bleacher Report Live will be available to watch only in the US. It was confirmed by B/R Live Support.

15 Apr 2018

Artavazd Nalbandian - parallel between para arm-wrestling and other para-disciplines

Artavazd Nalbandyan, a trainer of strength sports, specializing in training of disabled athletes - an inteview with an organizer of Disabled World Cup - Poland, Anna Mazurenko.

"Artavazd, today we would like you to draw a parallel between para-arm-wrestling and other para-disciplines. Please answer the following questions:

You are a coach in different sports disciplines. Do your athletes choose their sport themselves or you help them to make a choice?

- When a person comes to my gym or writes to me on the Internet that he wants to go in for sports, we first analyze his physical potential together: what muscles or limbs do not work or even sometimes absent. It all depends on what kind of sport he likes and whether it is possible to engage in this sport in his condition. I have a guy in Gyumri (a city in Armenia) who does not have a left hand and three fingers on his right hand. According to his condition, it is very difficult for him to fight in armwrestling. But he has a great desire to do this kind of sport. I took him very hard trainings to start to pull and his movements are very limited. He fights only with his biceps, although it does not stop him. At the Armenian championship among athletes with disabilities in his weight category he took third place. But there are cases when people with disabilities have not yet decided what kind of sport they like. In any case, it’s only them who makes the final decision.

John Cena throws down the Make-A-Wish Arm Wrestle Challenge

"Make-A-Wish® Challenges You! Support the Make-A-Wish #ArmWrestleChallenge - April 9-30

The Make-A-Wish #ArmWrestleChallenge kicks off in April as part of our World Wish Day® campaign, raising awareness and funds online to help grant the wishes of children diagnosed with critical illnesses. A wish experience can give kids the mental toughness they need to fight their illness.  

10 Apr 2018


A poster for the 50th Vendetta ALL STARS has been posted today on facebook group, World Armwrestling Forum.

Faces of top heavyweight such as: Denis Cyplenkov, Devon Larratt, Andrey Pushkar, Rustam Babayev, Dave Chaffee, Dmitry Trubin or Tim Bresnan promote the upcoming ARMFIGHT #50.

7 Apr 2018

The last year of AAA Nationals

Photo: Karen Mainard Bean / facebook

"Frank and Karen Bean just announced that this will be the last year of AAA Nationals. They are retiring this amazing event in support of one unified National Title!! This is fantastic news for the sport here in the USA Even better, they announced that they will be hosting a North American Championship, with Canada and Mexico invited to occur each year in August!


"Welcome to Bleacher Report Live, where watching live sports is easy. Watch live, follow your favorites, and find more ways to catch your games.

5 Apr 2018

ARMWRESTLING in Mixer Magazine


I am a big fan of SUPERMATCH FORMAT, and I truly believe that this format is a future in PRO armwrestling, and the best form to determain a winner. 

The popularity and recognition of PRO armwrestling should be built in a similar way as it is done in UFC, Bellator and other top MMA organizations. Events with ONE vs ONE matches, lasting no more then three hours, with magnetic individuals whose preperation and talk before the event. All these aspects form one whole, the EVENT.

30 Mar 2018

Ottawa Open – Kids Tournament RECAP & VIDEOS

On March 24th, the Ottawa Open Armwrestling Championships were held in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. One of the highlights of the event was the kids tournament that started off the day. A total of 27 kids aged 5 through 17 years of age took part. They were divided into six different classes, as fairly as possible (considering age, gender, and weight).

Three different sized tables were used for the tournament. The smallest table was 25.5” high, and the table top was 18” by 24” with 5” square elbow pads. The pin lines were 1” higher than the elbow pads, rather than the standard 2”. The medium table was 35.5” high, with a 20” by 30” table top. The elbow pads were 6” square and the pin lines were 1.5” higher than the elbow pads. The biggest table was standard size. Risers were available for anyone who needed one.

29 Mar 2018

Kids 7 -

Zaik Chartrand-Lefebvre

WOW, WOW, WOW... What a matches! Seeing kids in the age of 7, or under arm-wrestle so professionally you can say that the future of arm-wrestling in Canada looks very promising.

Artavazd Nalbandyan: "The coach should always communicate with the athlete and always monitor his training, rest and nutrition."

Artavazd Nalbandyan, a trainer of strength sports, specializing in training of disabled athletes, a trainer of Para-armwrestling Champ, Sargis Stepanyan, talks about various aspects of his work in an inteview with an organizer of Disabled World Cup - Poland, Anna Mazurenko.

"You train athletes with physical impairments in different sports disciplines. Are there any universal principles that work for everyone and in any sport?

- I have been training athletes with physical impairments for several years, not only for arm-wrestling, but also for other sports. For them the principles of training and approaches should be individual, the common schemes do not work.

In the training program for athletes pulling sitting, do you pay attention to the development of all styles or you focus only on one strong move?

- For an athlete who fights sitting, the pulling technique is different, because it does not include the pelvis and legs. Despite this, we try to train all the styles that an athlete can fight. If the athlete already has strong points, we try to pull in such a way that he easily and quickly could turn on his strong side. Anyway, at the tournament the athlete intuitively uses the style with the help of which he can easily defeat an opponent. That is why we analyze the movements of each opponent and choose specific technique for each duel.

27 Mar 2018

WAL live on BRL

"It’s a match made in heaven! WAL is excited to announce our 2018 partnership with Bleacher Report Live!

26 Mar 2018

2018 Ottawa Open Armwrestling Championships - RECAP

Image: print screen / Devon Larratt

On March 24th, the Ottawa Open Armwrestling Championships were held in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The tournament was able to draw many of the strongest arms from Ontario and Quebec, and the matches offered a preview of what might be expected at the Canadian Championships on July 1st.

The event got underway with a kids tournament that attracted 51 entries. Kids aged 5 through 17 were divided into six classes. All members of the Larratt and Roussin clans took part and did well. And the 16-17 year old boys class featured many incredible matches. These guys are already training with armwrestling clubs and are sure to get better quickly if they stick with the sport.

10 Mar 2018

2018 "Ottawa Open" Armwrestling Championships

"Ottawa Open” Armwrestling Championships
1151 Ogilvie Road, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Saturday, March 24th, 2018

TEAM CANADA FUNDRAISER TOURNAMENT Hosted by Vancouver Armwrestling Club

Hosted by Vancouver Armwrestling Club
4125 E Hastings St. Burnaby, B.C, Canada 
Saturday, April 21st, 2018

7 Mar 2018

David Shead: "Disabled Armwrestling is now called Para Armwrestling"

Being active in the sport of armwrestling for over three decades David Shead is an excellent source of information when it comes to the history of this sport.

In an interview with an organizer of the Disabled World Cup - Poland, Anna Mazurenko, The Head Referee of the European Armwrestling Federation talks about the history of disabled armwrestling, and as well about the further development plans of the Para-Armwrestling.

Anna Mazurenko: Since when did we have disabled divison in armwrestling and what has changed?

David Shead: In England we started Disabled Armwrestling back in the early 1990’s, there was a National Championships called The British Wheelchair Championships, that had several sports like Bench Pressing, Fencing, Archery, a quite rough type of Basketball, Ping Pong, and more. All for people who were Wheelchair bound, so it was easy for us to go to a large organized event like that and add seated armwrestling to the list.

Back then and even up until 1993 the WAF World Championships for ordinary senior classes was seated, and even today Disabled Armwrestling uses the standard rules (Hearing Impaired and Visually Impaired have some different rules) but we did add a special class at this Championships because it was held at Stoke Mandeville Hospital where they specialized in spinal cord injuries, and one of the effects of this type of injury is that they cannot grip with their hands, now you might think how can 2 competitors who cannot grip with their hands arm wrestle? Well that is why we gave them their own class, all we needed to do was put them in the strap right from the start and this worked very well.