17 Jan 2018

"Viking Arms" - International Open Armwrestling Tournament - February 2nd - 4th

Fefor Høifjellshotell Presents: Viking Arms Armwrestling Tournament!
February 2-4 February 2018 in Vinstra, Norway. 

Open for all Nordic Countries: 
(Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland).

Special Guest: Devon Larratt

16 Jan 2018

The arm battle of Sweden 2018 – womans classes

During last weekend the competition “The arm battle of Sweden” was held in Brickhouse training center in Kallhäll, Sweden. It was the armwrestler Mattias Zografos that arranged this competition. I helped a little bit, especially with the womens class.

For the mens classes he invited some armwrestlers from abroad to challenge armwrestlers from Sweden. It was great matches. But I will focus on the womens classes.

In the womens classes we pulled “Round Robin”-style (all the armwrestlers met the others once, and then you see who has won most matches in the end). We had from the beginning invited several armwrestlers from abroad also for the womans. But most of them cancelled due to either health problems or other things. So we had a pure Swedish class, EXCEPT for the excellent Brigitta Ivanfi from Hungry.

15 Jan 2018

WoA, Armwrestling 24h & AHC - RECALLS

Today, searching internet, I visited John Brzenk's profile on wikipedia. One of the external links in his profile is still the link not existing anymore, The Armwrestling History Channel (AHC).

What a nice surprise. Still you are able to see few pages of AHC, how it looked like. The link will direct you to web.archive.orgThen I have checked the other blog I used to run, the Armwrestling24, and it's the same. My next move was of course to check if my the most priceless source of all time, The World of Armwrestling is also there... and it's too. What a great recalls.

14 Jan 2018

Don Zeoli Jr.

Don Zeoli Jr. is an armwrestling fan and a graphic designer. He enjoys creating visuals that help promote and inspire those of us who participate in and enjoy the sport of armwrestling.

PREMIER 101 CUP:Rise of Southeast Asia - PROMO

In January 2018, in the biggest state in Malaysia, Sarawak will be hold 3rd International Charity Armwrestling Championship, PREMIER 101 CUP:Rise of Southeast Asia. The charitable event is organised to promote Armwrestling in Malaysia.

This year, as a special guest at the event will be armwrestling legend, an icon of supermatch format, Devon Larratt.

9 Jan 2018

Malin Kleinsmith talks with Louise Bornhall about The Arm Battle of Sweden

In today's StockholmDirekt.se Malin Kleinsmith talks with Louise Bornhall about upcoming event, The Arm Battle of Sweden, which will take place this weekend in Kallhäll, Sweden.

English version, translated by Malin Kleinsmith:

"Do you armwrestle during school break? Or maybe at lunch break at work? This weekend "The arm battle of Sweden" will be held in Kallhäll, where World champions and participants from several countries like Russia, Romania, Ukraine and Latvia will participate.

"28 men and 6 women will compete, everyone is hand-picked professionals," says co-organizer Malin Kleinsmith, who is in the Swedish national team in armwrestling and also competes at the competition this coming weekend.

"Unique competition"

The main organizer is the armwrestler Mattias Zografos, and the goal is that the competition will be organized every year.

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4 Jan 2018

Celebrity Armwrestling Pics (34) - Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

An American actor and professional wrestler, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the leading man on journey in Jumanji2 talks with Francisco Cáceres about his newest movie...  and they both ended up having an arm wrestle.