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Welcome to the Armwrestling ONLY, a site devoted to all things related to the organized armwrestling. It was founded by Tomasz Wisniowski in January 2013.

Armwrestling 24h + AHC = Armwrestlers ONLY 

Since 2010 Tomasz run several websites devoted to all things related to the organized armwrestling. Sites; Armwrestling 24h and Armwrestling History Channel (AHC) are not existing anymore, and all informations and articles has been moved to Armwrestlers ONLY.

Tomasz was a founder & editor of Armwrestling 24h (2010-2012), and co-founder & editor of Armwrestling History Channel (AHC) (2012-2013).

Armwrestling History Channel -  Section on AO

In the history section, the Armwrestling History Channel you will find information on the key figures involved in the sport since it's inception, including top competitors, promoters, referees, and activists. You’ll also find results from most of the elite armwrestling events from the past 50 years.

Researching armwrestling history is a hobby for the founders of the Armwrestling History Channel, Eric Roussin and Tomasz Wisniowski, and information will be regularly added to the site as it is uncovered. If you happen to have information that we are missing, please contact us.

Regular contributors play an important role in content development for the Armwrestling History Channel. Without the knowledge shared and assistance provided by them, many of the detailed articles could not be written, tournament results would not be as complete, and special lists (e.g. Top 50 Armwrestlers) would not be as robust. Tomasz and Eric would like to acknowledge the people who are and have always been willing to help:

Since September 2015 Eric has started run his own website devoted exclusively to the sport's history:  The Armwrestling Archives, where he publishs all his work.


If you have informations about upcoming or past event/s, about the results, the armwrestlers, anything what is related to the supermatch or the tournament format in the armwrestling, or might you are interested to join to our editorial staff please contact us on:


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